We take pride in our work, always striving to delight our customers and associates--not just satisfy their requests.  Here are a few notes from our customers and associates that do a pretty good job of demonstrating our work ethic. 

May 3, 2016

Dear AtFt,

Thank You for assigning Ryan Gunto as the project manager and Jason Arico for the project leader for our Data Center HVAC upgrade project, here in Charlotte. Ryan kept the kept the project moving forward at a brisk pace and knew when to step up the resources to get the job done. I was very impressed with his communication and coordination with the property management company and my team, to keep the project on track. They were mostly impressed with the way the AirTight FaciliTech team kept them updated on the progress and working with them on the logistics of getting the project done. Ryan did an outstanding job in managing the logistics.  

The AirTight FaciliTech team knocked this job out of the ball park.

Your team was professional, courteous and on top of their game throughout this project

 Thank You once again…

-Global Operations & Technology Leader, Charlotte, NC

April 14, 2015

Connie Crumpton
AirTight FaciliTech
Charlotte, NC, 28217

Dear Mrs. Crumpton,

I would like to thank you and your company, AirTight FaciliTech, for giving me a scholarship to continue my education.  Without your help I never would have seen myself completing college and making a difference in my life and hopefully in others.

Back in 2009, I graduated from high school and went straight into the military, never once thinking I would ever attend college.  I saw myself spending the rest of my life happily serving my country.  That all changed due to an error on someone’s part during a standard training simulation in which I was injured.   At 19 years old I was out of the US Army, honorably discharged, retired, no job, no real family support and barely able to walk. I had given up hope.

I had to go through a lot of trials and tribulations and I came out on top because in the end it was what I wanted.

Now here I am in 2015 and I am an honor student in Central Piedmont Community College’s Marketing and Retailing program.  In the start of my college career, business was not where I saw myself.  I started as a medical laboratory technology major, and marketing was a hobby I started in high school and did a little of in the Army and throughout my adult life.  It took doing a desk job at CPCC to see that business wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.

Academic Program
As mentioned above, I am enrolled in Central Piedmont Community College's Business Administrative program, specializing in marketing and retailing. While it is an associate's degree I am very proud of that and I hope to one day receive my bachelor’s degree.  This program also offers various certifications along the way as you complete certain classes.

The biggest challenge I have faced so far is that this semester I had to undergo gallbladder surgery.  While that is easy to recover from, I had a reaction to the anesthesia that required admittance to the hospital for about a week. Sadly I have suffered from this on a neurological level and had to pull out of a marketing class that I was currently enrolled in.  However the rest of my classes are online and I have managed to maintain an “A” average in those classes.  Difficulties aside I am a fighter and I refuse to give up, especially when I have big goals to accomplish.

Projected Courses, Graduation
I have only a year left of school, thanks to your company's scholarship my classes have been moved up and I am set to graduate in May 2017.  I have never felt so close or so excited, it feels as if graduation is tomorrow. This summer I am taking some of the last of my general classes, as well as several business classes that are easier to accomplish in a shorter semester.  My very last semester which will be in January 2017, will be all marketing classes.  I have proven that I can do full-time classes and more if necessary to complete my goals.

After College
After I graduate I plan to apply at Red Ventures Marketing located here in Charlotte.  I believe it would be a great start to my marketing career. My real passion however, which I will pursue as side work, is event marketing and planning.  In the past I have helped JROTC programs market events to make money for special programs and I love it so much.  In turn I hope one day to start my own firm, something along the lines of Brandy Lee Bee Event Marketing.

Once again I thank you and your company so very much for my scholarship, helping me follow my dream and make my career.


- Brandy B


I just wanted to drop you a short note about how pleased I am with the work that Eric Milatz did at our datacenter the other day. Changing out the resin in the Ultrasonic Humidifier tanks in the past has always resulted in leak alarms, broken parts, and in one case, a call in the middle of the night for an above-the-floor leak. I had none of these occur while Eric was doing the work on behalf of AirTight FaciliTech.

Please take time to thank Eric for me once again.

Thank You,

- Richard W., Data Center Infrastructure Specialist, Charlotte, NC

Gentlemen, I just wanted to say thanks to Greg Crumpton and especially Scott A. for their help with the PRO AC system.

Since I stared working on the video-support truck, I was concerned about how it was operating. I won't belabor the details, but suffice it to say it was not working correctly and potentially would have failed if the issues had not been addressed.

I have been calling Scott at Northern Air for days, pestering him with tons of questions. Northern is the manufacturer of the AC units. He has been VERY patient and helpful.

Today when Greg visited the truck he verified my concerns and outlined a plan of action. Part of that plan, based on Scott's suggestions, was me running a wire that was not specified in the original design. That wire essentially ties all 4 AC compressors into 1 combined system. Because it's been raining since we parked the rig, it was not until today when that wire got ran.

Scott then spent the better part of 2 hours on the phone with me walking through each setting on both units. Although we only had about a 45 minute test period after the programming session it became clear, pretty quickly, that we had solved our issues: Short cycling had been eliminated. The digital compressor was loading and unloading as expected. Condenser fan speed were modulating based on head pressure. Cooling was not as erratic, nor were sensor readings. True lead lag had been enabled which should age the units equally, provide tremendous redundancy, and extend the life of both units. My sincere thanks to all for your help. Scott I owe you a case of beer!!

– Andy H., I.T. Technician, Concord, NC


Shawn and Jason did an absolute fantastic job replacing the compressor in the Security heat pump. It was a very difficult unit to access, and they ran into some problems when they went to start it. They stayed with it until the problem was discovered and dealt with and they were sure the unit was performing the way it should.

True professionals. Please tell them thanks from us for a job well done!

– Dave O., Assistant Chief Engineer, Charlotte, NC


I wanted to take the time, to let you know, that I appreciate the help provided over the last few months, with our varied domestic water deficiencies. Also in the last few days, with the building domestic water outage and the rapid after hour response.

It's truly refreshing to work with your team of professional, knowledgeable people. I look forward to working with your team, in coming up with a proper solution to our needs.

Again, Thank You,

– Dave H., Maintenance Technician, Charlotte, NC

Good Afternoon,

I am writing in regards to the outstanding service and professionalism that Eddie and Jake displayed on the most recent visit to our Hickory facility.

The inspections were very thorough as well as the explanations of the repairs to be performed. It is good to see that there are companies out there that still provide that feedback and professionalism to the customer.

I am a strong believer in customer service as a maintenance department representative and try to instill that throughout our department as well. They definitely have that aspect covered as well as great service.

Could you let everyone know that needs to know that their hard work, customer service and professionalism are greatly appreciated by myself and the associates at Plastic Packaging Inc.? Thank you. Have a great day.

Best Regards,

– Dan Trainor, Maintenance Coordinator, Plastic Packaging Inc.

As I'm sure you heard, we had a very busy and successful day in Fort Mill last Thursday. I wanted to thank you for your help and commend Ryan and Eric for their great work.

When I first spoke with Ryan Gunto a few weeks ago, I knew we were in good hands. He was thorough and conscientious and, even though he wasn't quite sure what to expect from our TV production, he was ready to help in any way that he could. In the days leading up to the shoot, he and Eric scouted the project and identified all of the issues we might encounter during the installation. They even began the installation, which saved us valuable time during the filming. During the shoot on Thursday, they worked seamlessly with the homeowners and our TV crew, often adjusting their installation steps to accommodate our needs. They were knowledgeable, professional, and capable and we couldn't have completed the project without their expert help.

I'm certain the segment will turn out great. We'll let you know when it is scheduled to air (probably sometime in October or November). Thank you again for your support. You have a great team!

– Chris Wolfe, This Old House Production Team


It was a pleasure seeing you again on my recent trip. I may be back in a month or so. I'd like the opportunity to hang a bit longer if you have the time. Your operation is what every HVAC company should strive to be. I'm very impressed with the direction of the company, the way you all do business and the people you have surrounded yourself with. Some of your articles are a hoot to read as well. I hope this finds to well and with the ability to keep that business growing as you have been doing so well.

Talk to you soon.

– Ed R., Bristol, PA

Hey Shonda, lunch yesterday was such a kind and generous gesture.

I must say that since 1974 (when I first got into this business) We never had a customer who bought our lunch or did the other things Airtight does. The things Airtight has done (which are above and beyond) are totally appreciated and un-expected. We want you to know that. The business relationship we enjoy having with you all is in itself more than we could ask for. All I can say is that we are so grateful and surprised that you all wanted to do the lunch for us.

Hope you have a great weekend!

– Terry Blackwell, C. C. Dixon

I just wanted to tell you what a great job Jake from Airtight did today at the office. We had lost heat yesterday so my handyman tried to fix it. Turns out, he fixed it temporarily but when we got back to the office this morning, the heat was not working again. Your folks came out within an hour of calling and did a fantastic job. Jake was here all day, diagnosed the problem and fixed it. We are no longer shivering. I just wanted to thank you so much, and tell you what a great job he did. I can always count on you!

Next city club drink is on me, my friend.

– Annemarie Pantazis, Pantazis Law Firm

Hello Brian,

A few months ago when we had the four Innovent units installed I met your new start up man, Shawn Harrell. During that install I talked him a few times but didn't get to spend very much time actually working with him' however during the last unit change out T 4, I worked very close with him.

I have been doing HVAC work for over forty years and I am a licensed contractor and although I am a little rusty on some of the newer electronic controls and have not worked with 410-A, I consider myself a great technician. With that said and all my years of being in the field and meeting lots of technicians. I just want to say to you that Shawn is one of the best technicians I have ever come into contact with. He knows the trade thoroughly and is an expert on the Innovent units.

I hope you know how lucky you are to have someone with his knowledge and character working for you. Thanks again for sending him to start up the last units because with of the problems we had with T-4 not matching up with the curb It could have been a lot worse trying to figure out how to make it work with the situation we had.


– Steven A. Toole, Operations Manager

Ryan. On behalf of the Joint Special Operations Command, I would like to extend thanks from the JCU-SMT-IO troop. You guys went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the issues at hand were taken care and for that we are grateful. I know at first things were looking kind of dim in the planning stages of this project. But, nonetheless your team stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. I'll have to admit, I did not see this project going as smoothly as it did. I was telling Chris and Shawn, that I was expecting to be working on this through the weekend. But due to your dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence, the job was completed ahead of schedule.

Like I said before, Chris, Shawn, and yourself walked into something that wasn't necessarily in your scope of work and completed the tasks with no hiccups. With your permission, we would like to recommend Airtight for further projects that we hear about throughout JSOC. If at any time, you need to use us as a reference, please don't hesitate to call and/or email us.

– Jeremy Robinson, Joint Special Operations Command

Greg. As one professional to another I commend you on how you run your business. I am impressed with your daily processes and your response time to help me be successful. Mandy, Sandy and Rachel have been most helpful. Realizing these women do not have the mechanical knowledge to use in their day to day scheduling but uses their most valuable asset of good communication and that includes listening not just directing the technicians, allows them to be successful in satisfying the customer.

Greg you know the best advertisement is word of mouth. It has been my pleasure to spread the good news about Airtight. Your company has saved me money. I realize you have to send money sometimes to save money. Eddie Reynolds has great vision in this area. I'm sure your other mechanics in time will reach the point where Eddie is. Eddie's attitude of preventative maintenance to save me money has worked and continues to impress me each time he is on site. Every company needs an Eddie Reynolds. He doesn't try to sell me anything I don't need but he does show me how to protect what I have. I respect Eddie's opinion greatly.

Your technicians who have worked at our facility have been most professional and sends a clear message Airtight is a top notch company that is satisfying their customers' needs and improves every day. Thanks Greg for all you do.

– Mike Finger, Coordinator

Greg, I wish we would have been able to be part of your filming this Friday, unfortunately we are not able to but I did at least want you to know what we like about your company. For starters I want to say that the level of service your entire staff has provided for us has been superb. Lauren has been a huge asset to the portfolio and it has made all of our jobs easier to have her attend our meetings. We are still in the infancy stages of our relationship but it seems that we are tracking well and most of our issues are settled before we even leave our weekly meetings. I greatly appreciate your commitment, we all know it's tough to have an employee dedicated to an account like ours but it has made all the difference.

We have all been impressed at the level of service each and every one of your technicians portraits and we all know that comes from the continuous training and a level of support from managerial staff. Your office is easy to work with and has been very accommodating in every way and helped work through our constant need for immediate service. Russ has been dedicated as well, he has made sure that no matter the issue he is more than happy to see it through, no matter the outcome. We are truly happy that we made the switch to Airtight and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with a company who (simply put) cares, and that makes all the difference in our industry.

Thank You for all that you do and all that you continue to do for us!

– Daniel Maples, CHS Chief Engineer

I wanted to take moment and share a really good experience and deal/sale that I had with Greg Crumpton and AirTight Mechanical. We had a small data center in the Charlotte area with two CRAC systems, a mid-sized UPS and a small backup power generator. Greg went to the center and provided us with costs for removal.

Well interesting enough, the AC units were not really worth removing at that time, however without having to go a rigger and an electrician to get the UPS and the generator removed and loaded – Greg's team did it all. It was a very professional job and fast. The units were received at our stations in excellent shape and the whole job was done on time and within budget. I don't think anything could have gone more smoothly and the customer was very happy with the result. I enjoyed the one-stop shopping experience – this type of work usually involves the work of 3 different contractors. I am looking forward and actively searching for more jobs where I can employ Airtight's staff.

Greg also recommended Ez Housh for a job I'm looking at in the Columbus Ohio area. Ez should be inspecting it next week to give me a feel for removing more AC and backup power equipment. The Unified Group (http://www.theunifiedgroup.com) members are becoming my preferred go-to guy's for any work that I have in their areas.

I would also like to tip my hat again to the folks at Marinia Mechanical in California who stepped in and fixed a problem CRAC unit that we had in their area. We also appreciate them picking up the service contract for the client, who desperately needed it and finally realized that "Uncle Bob" had to quit working on their data center equipment and they needed to turn to a polished professional. Always a pleasure.

– Neil Matheson, Project Manager


Out of all my vendors at all my sites Shonda is the most outstanding resource I have. She exhibits the professionalism, sense of urgency and perfection that I wish I had across the board. Not sure I could ask much more from her.

– Jeff Briggs, Sr. Facilities Manager

Ryan, Your crew was just awesome and I was very impressed with their thoroughness and professionalism. I would like to schedule someone to come out as soon as possible to have a look and do a thorough check of the AC system. Additionally, since I know your company does such a great job I would also like you to do the repairs as well. Thanks.

– Stephen Cross, Information Technology Director

Shonda, Thank you for the update on your visit last week. It was a pleasure to meet with you and Denny to discuss the needs of our facility. I would like to commend you and Denny for your commitment to our facility HVAC needs. At the end of the day HVAC is HVAC, but what stuck me the most was your professionalism, candor and keen eyes and ears.

I do site visits with vendors all the time and quite a few of them do not pick up on what you did with the kind of work we do. This is not an easy job but it's what we do.As I mentioned to you and Denny I'm also impressed with the customer service you provide. The girls don't skip a beat on getting back to me and following up on our needs which makes me feel like a wanted customer. Custer service is a thing of the past for some of the companies I have dealt with. We call it "Service Excellence" { treat everyone like a guest, team work, and professionalism} Based on my experience so far, AirTight is "AIRTIGHT" in every thing your company does. Please thank everyone for being committed to there work. It certainly shows. Mr & Mrs Crumpton should be proud of there Airtight team.

Thank you again for last week it was enjoyable!!!

Have a Great Day!!

– Mark Stachnik, Plant Operations Director

Greg, It was a pleasure to meet you. We really appreciate all that your team does to keep our server rooms properly conditioned. You obviously hire very knowledgeable, top notch technicians and it really shows. Have a great day!

– Todd W. Barbee

My name is Randy Pazera and I am the ISS FM Manager over all operations at the HP tier 3 Data Center in Charlotte. We have been fortunate in having AirTight perform and complete several high profile projects at our site. We are expected to perform at a 0% downtime at this facility and I am proud to say "we maintain that thanks to groups like AirTight". They have worked every time schedule you can imagine to complete many CRAC unit replacements over the last 3 years, they have also replaced all of our common area RTU's on the roof of this site as well.

AirTight's expertise and knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed, every one of their service techs are very customer oriented and will go out of their way of anything asked of them. It was great working with Ryan, the project manager and Russ in sales. They both have made these projects easy to get through. I want to take this moment to thank them for all the hard work and dedication to the costumer which is very much appreciated here at Hewlett Packard.

Thank you and look forward to more business in the future.

– Randy Pazera, Facility Manager

AirTight's expertise and knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed, every one of their service techs are very customer oriented and will go out of their way of anything asked of them. It was great working with Ryan, the project manager and Russ in sales. They both have made these projects easy to get through. I want to take this moment to thank them for all the hard work and dedication to the costumer which is very much appreciated here at Hewlett Packard.

Thank you and look forward to more business in the future.

- Shawn

I see you won this year's "Golden Hammer" !!

Congratulations. I cannot think of anyone more deserving. If you look up Shawn Harrell in the dictionary, this has to be the definition.

" ....being reliable to both customers and co-workers, and goes above and beyond to ensure the customer is best served and the job is done correctly. " That AND "Best Ever" :)

Again – Well Deserved!

– Brian R., VP of Service & Sales, Minneapolis, MN