Commercial HVAC Consultation And Installation In Charlotte

AirTight FaciliTech offers mechanical consultation services for property owners, managers, or anyone needing HVAC specific help. In some situations the need for third party verification of a diagnosed problem arises, or you may simply need an opinion on the fate of a piece of equipment or system, in any case, AirTight FaciliTech can provide the assistance you need.

With life-cycle cost studies and energy consumption testing of your equipment, we can make recommendations for equipment replacement, remediation projects and energy management programs that will save you money on operating and maintenance cost. Taking part in due diligence studies, to ensure you as a potential buyer are aware of the comfort and health of tenants, as well as the integrity of the mechanical systems of a building, is another important service available.

Post-construction commissioning and equipment performance evaluations of new systems are two additional services that are available. These services are focused on providing an installing contractor, or an equipment provider, who may be doing a job in the North Carolina market but based elsewhere, a local contact for equipment start-up and warranty needs.