Planned Maintenance For Charlotte HVAC Systems

AirTight FaciliTech’s planned maintenance program includes complete HVAC service contracts to maximize efficiency, minimize downtime and prevent emergencies for facilities throughout North Carolina. 

From planned equipment maintenance to energy savings programs, our proactive approach to maintaining and repairing Charlotte area HVAC systems reduces operational costs while improving comfort and safety. In fact, every HVAC service contract from AirTight FaciliTech is customized to ensure your equipment receives the proper maintenance at the proper time. Ultimately, protecting your HVAC investment.

Preventative Maintenance And HVAC Service Contracts Include:

  • A single source solution to eliminate the hassle of working with separate vendors

  • Rapid repair and replacement of worn parts

  • Trend analysis to avert potential failures

  • Remote and On-site Data Monitoring

  • Suggestions for incremental upgrades to improve efficiencies and prevent emergencies

You can rest easy knowing that AirTight FaciliTech follows industry guidelines to ensure compatibility with your processes. Our experienced technicians have access to the most comprehensive equipment database in the industry and follow best practices from leaders like IFMA, BOMA and the EPA.  We also understand the intricacies of each component in a mechanical system and appreciate how equipment interacts together.

Contact us for an HVAC service contract to improve comfort, reduce costs and keep equipment maintained on a regular schedule rather than waiting for an emergency.