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Reliable Facilities Management, HVAC Repairs, and Mechanical Services

AirTight FaciliTech provides quality HVAC services to clients in Charlotte and throughout the Carolinas. Our skilled technicians keep mission critical facilities running at peak performance.

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Critical Site Services for Charlotte Mission Critical Facilities

Customers requiring this type of service are generally in an environment where down time is unacceptable and are predominately in the communications, medical, electronics, data center and pharmaceutical fields.

In some situations the need for third party verification of a diagnosed problem arises, or you may simply need an opinion on the fate of a piece of equipment or system, in any case, AirTight FaciliTech can provide the assistance you need. With life-cycle cost studies and energy consumption testing of your equipment, we can make recommendations for equipment replacement, remediation projects and energy management programs that will save you money on operating and maintenance cost.

Taking part in due diligence studies, to ensure you as a potential buyer are aware of the comfort and health of tenants, as well as the integrity of the mechanical systems of a building, is another important service available.

We hold certifications for the following mission critical site equipment:

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How to Save Money With Energy Efficient Systems

We know the path to energy sustainability is a journey not an event. We partner with each client to analyze their utility bills, identify no-cost/low-cost savings opportunities, implement operations and maintenance practices and identify system upgrades and retrofits with a return on investment.

What goes into an HVAC System? Built Up system vs. Package (Unitary) system

Which one is right for your facility? See the difference and learn about the components each includes.

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